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Tree Felling

Using numerous ways to safely fell the trees that need to be removed.


Sectional Felling: When the tree is in the vicinity of buildings and other obstacles that can't be damaged one of our qualified climbers will access the tree with ropes and a harness to take the tree down in sections.

Straight Felling: When the situation and environment around the tree poses zero risk of damage to properties or the landscape the tree can be straight felled from ground level.


Tree Pruning

Your Tree will be individually assessed by us to ensure pruning the tree achieves what you want, but is also done correctly and in accordance with British standard BS3998.

This would involve techniques such as:

  • Crown Reductions

  • Crown Thinning

  • Crown Shaping

  • Crown Raising

  • Pollarding 

Hedge Trimming

Hedges are a prominent feature in most gardens and keeping them maintained is key to ensure they remain in keeping with your gardens aesthetics.


Hedge Reductions

Sometimes trimming hedges isn't enough. Reducing the size of larger hedges will get them to a more manageable size where normal maintenance will become easier.

Stump Removal

We can remove any unwanted stumps, either by digging them out or using a stump grinder, a machine that uses a high speed disk with teeth to grind the stump into mulch.


Firewood and Woodchip

We can supply you with seasoned firewood, as well as woodchip for weed surpessing/ landscaping needs.

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